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Post  edwardstx on Sun Nov 14, 2010 10:37 pm

Name , Age , IGN :
My Name is Edward . I am 12Years Old . Edwardstx
Where do you live/Timezone :
I Live In Singapore .
What Job u running for and why should i pick u...?:
Because i never be a Gm before, i wanna try, if i be, i will do the best for MacMS

if u got any past experience or Pics
put them here:
None .

How can I benefit ("can help people", "invite more players", and "hosting events" "etc" does not count) :: I will make MACMS player happy and be fun .

Reason i applied : I've never been a SGM or A GM Before and i would like to experience to be a GM .

What are the rules to being a GM, and what do I think :
Respect Other GM and Players .
No giving one player more of an advantage then another
Non-Biased decisions
Keeping in communication with other GMs
Keeping good communication with players to know what glitches are around, and what players suggestions .
Being mature when maturity is needed
Listening to a player fully even if they have bad grammar or spelling, and helping them to the fullest of your abilities
Not ignoring a player because you dislike them
Banning or Warning rule breakers and hackers
A player's problem or question always comes before the conversation that you are having with your friend.

How many hours I am on a day and if i get picked will i put more hours?
I will try to play longer because i have school.

Are u mature if some 1 says ur bad gm and u suck fuck you or some other swear
how ull react? will u treat him same as all? or hate him? or try fix with him?:
I will change myself.

U See hacker what u do?:I will follow the hacker and tell some GMs to help .

will u quit if we dont gm you?
No , because i still can be fun in MacMS .

-----this is where it gets harder-----

Handling a Problem: Please state what you would do in each of the following situations. There is no right or wrong answer. Single-paragraph form, please.

1) A player comes complaining to you about his "character" Whom is stuck in a map (Which has been hacked or Map crashed). You are a intern and cannot unstick him (Unstick at the webpage does not work) How can you help this player? I will inform a GM or SGM to unstuck him from there .

2) A annoying player is constantly spamming @p2p commands to you, and you are unable to mute him. The spam gets extremely overwhelming and you constantly disconnect. (This player is obviously asking for a ban and you are unable to) What do you do? I will try to stop him from .

3) A player has been banned through the auto-ban system. He has five super rebirths and was falsely ban. What do you do? I will tell the Game Master of MacMS .

4) You are currently in hide following a suspected hacker. Suddenly a donator enters the map and starts using a VAC or Demi hack. The suspected hacker cc'd as a result. What do you do?
I will call another SGM or GM to follow the suspected hacker. I will Follow the Donator to see that he is really hacking , if he is, i will band him .


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Apply Game Master Empty lol

Post  K3LLY on Mon Nov 15, 2010 4:31 am


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Apply Game Master Empty Re: Apply Game Master

Post  edwardstx on Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:10 am

where got? zzz


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